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Crocodile Breathing is a way of encouraging activation of the diaphragm which is the main muscle of respiration. When you use your diaphragm to breathe as opposed to the more typical “shallow breathing” using the chest and shoulders it has a variety of health benefits.👍🙌 Crocodile breathing is diaphragmatic breathing done laying on your belly with the body completely relaxed. It can help improve the following:   1. Neck & shoulder tension 2. Lower back tension 3. Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system balance 4. Core/stability for exercise 5. Thoracic Spine (middle back) mobility Crocodile breathing is also a great destresser as it puts you back in your parasympathetic  (rest and digest) nervous system.🧘 How to do it? •lay on your stomach, place your head on your hand, breathe into your stomach. Your stomach should feel like a balloon filling up with air. 🎈🐡

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