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Rise Nutrition Holiday Survival Guide [+Thorne Supplement Partnership]

We are offering the ultimate-crash-course of our tips and tricks to keep track of your nutrition over the holidays. During the holiday season we know it’s especially hard to keep accountability for the foods you eat. 

The goal of this mini-seminar is to provide you with some of the foundational knowledge needed to make informed decisions about the foods you eat. We will cover a little bit of everything that relates to understanding how we should eat.

The main topics that we will cover are, what is food and why do we consume it? 

What is our food made of and why does what we eat matter? Quality vs quantity. 

When should we eat and what should we eat for different situations? 

Hydration, is it really that important? 

Popular diets and their strengths and weaknesses? 

Supplements, what are they and do I need to take them? 

We will then wrap up with a question and answer session!


We will also be revealing our new supplement partnership with Thorne Nutrition. 

Why we partnered with them and how they can help you feel and perform at your best.


Dec 09 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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