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New Year Nutrition Seminar

Our Nutrition Seminar is a 2 hour seminar that lays the foundation of everything you need to know to gain a basic understanding of nutrition. Learn about food quality, macro vs. micronutrients , when to eat, hydrate, and supplements. In this seminar our goal is to help you understand how to make educated and conscious choices about what you eat and drink. In this seminar the topics we will cover are:

  1. Introduction – what is the goal of nutritional education?

      • What is food?

      • What is a “diet”

      • Energy balance in the body

  2. How we should view food

      • Qualitative measures

      • Quantitative measures

  3. Quantitative Measures

      • What are macro/micro nutrients

      • What role do they play in our bodies

      • Why do we consume and how much of each should we consume?

  4. Qualitative Measures

      • Processed vs unprocessed

      • How do we compare qualities between macros?

      • The step by step approach to food quality

  5. When Should You Eat?

      • More vs less meals

      • When should you consume your macros

  6. Supplements and Hydration

      • What is hydration and why is it important

      • How to monitor and stay hydrated

      • What is a supplement?

      • Which supplements work?

  7. Popular Dieting Styles

      • Keto, Vegan, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, intermittent fasting, etc.

      • Advantages and disadvantages to each diet style

  8. Question and Answer Session


Jan 06 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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