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Our facility has 5,000 sq ft of gym space and another 1,700 sq ft of space for showers, bathrooms, seating area and coaches room.

Our gym area boasts a Tru Athletics Equipped weightlifting area, a Sorinex Equipped strength training area, accessory area containing DBs, KBs, cable machines, benches etc. Our 2,600 sq ft of turf area contains a TRX Functional Fitness Bridge Unit as well as a full length baseball cage. 

Our weightlifting area boasts 8 8’x8’ platforms, 14 competition barbells (7 male, 7 female), over 1000kg of competition spec plates, technique plates and 3 sets of jerk blocks.



Weightlifting Platforms
Competition Barbells
TRX Bridge
Strength Machines


Food + Supplements Bar


Private Business Park
Onsite Parking                            Air Conditioning


Top Quality Trainers
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