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Coaching Options

Remote Coaching, Online Team & Programming Only

Train with us from anywhere in the world. Our remote coaching options bring our coaching and programming to you. 

Choose between our team programs or a fully individualized training program. Individualized programs are carefully designed to fit your needs based off of your current goals, abilities and lifestyle. 

Receive ongoing feedback from your coach throughout your training and check in either weekly or bi-weekly so they can make necessary adjustments to your program. All training programs and video feedback are delivered via Train Heroic.


Personal/Small Group Training

We understand that our group classes are not for everyone, which is why we also offer personal/small group training. These options offer a more private and individualised experience for you.

Whether you are looking for a more personalised training experience or whether you want to accelerate the process of getting to your goals this might be the option for you. Our coaches work with either 1-2 (personal training) or 3-4 (small group) people to deliver a specific program designed for you.

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