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Change Through Fitness

Anthony Vlassis

When Anthony met Coach Mark in 2016, he was over 230 pounds with high cholesterol and hypertension. He had not trained with a coach in over a decade. 

Coach Mark taught Anthony about Macros and how to move his body the way it was intended to move. 

Today, Anthony feels better at 33 than he did at 23.


Overweight (230lbs)


Nutrition Consulting
Strength Training


Athletic Build (185lbs)
Body Fat (9%)

"Because of Mark I am living the life I desire. If your story is similar to the beginning of mine then talk to Mark, your Highest Self is begging you."
Anthony Vlassis
Financial Trader

Victoria Jefferson

After recovering from a shoulder surgery, Victoria met Coach Mark to help with her rehabilitation. 

Coach Mark played a pivotal role role in her return back to Olympic weightlifting and led her to qualify for States (2nd place win) and Nationals (5th place win) within just 2 years of starting. 


Shoulder Injury




State and National Finalist in Olympic Weightlifting

"I am very thankful for his words of wisdom, constant encouragement and consistency in coaching to make me the best athlete and person possible."
Victoria Jefferson
University Student

Jordan Schwenneker

Jordan started working with Coach Mark when she was 8 years old. Four years later, Jordan has been a national silver medalist twice over, as well as a State Champion for the last three years in a row. 

There is still a lot of stigma surrounding young athletes lifting weights but Coach Mark and his team prioritize proper movement and control before ever adding weights, making sure safety is always the priority. 


School Sports


Youth Training
Personal Training


3x USA Weightlifting Youth Silver Medalist

"Mark is the most motivating and caring coach I have ever worked with. He has an uncommon ability to find what motivates each student and uses that to drive every student to their highest potential."
Jordan's Mom
PArent of Middle School Student

YOur Path forward

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