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founder & Head coach

Mark Roberts

Mark has been coaching in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Having played sports his whole life he has always been fascinated by the process of improving physical fitness. 

He began coaching whilst studying in university and has had the opportunity to coach everyone from Olympic gold medalists to elderly clients needing rehabilitation. 

His breadth of knowledge has enabled him to help many different populations and he is extremely excited to be able to bring that level of expertise to more people through Rise Athletics.


BSc Sport and Exercise Science, UKSCA, USAW-L3, FMSC-L2, PPSC*M, PN-L1, OPEX-L1, Crossfit-L2, CPR/AED

Manager & Coach

Jaimee Linehan

Jaimee grew up as a competitive gymnast, competing for over 10 years and representing the state of Florida on multiple occasions. She then went on to captain cheerleading and lacrosse teams throughout high school. 

While studying Physical Education at the University of Central Florida and working as a competitive gymnastics coach, Jaimee found competitive weightlifting. For the past 4 years, Jaimee has focused on developing her abilities as a weightlifter and as a coach. 

In 2020 she achieved her USAW Level 2 and is currently working on her personal training certification. She continues to share her passion, experiences, and expertise in coaching youth and junior weightlifters.


BS Physical Education, USA Gymnastics Professional Membership, USAW-L2


Josh Jenkins

Josh is originally from the Bay Area, California, but has been in Orlando for the last 3 years. His passion for fitness started while attending The United States Military Academy on football scholarship. His passion was born out of a desire to maximize elite athletic function while developing long lasting and healthy functionality. Like most athletes Josh dealt with his fair share of ankle issues, seeing this as an all too common occurrence, he strives to decrease the likelihood of injury in all his athlete’s/client’s training while also helping them to achieve their fitness goals. 

In his spare time, Josh enjoys being a movie critic, book reader, gym rat, and trivia expert. His favorite movie is Gladiator. Favorite book/series is the Ender’s Game Anthology. He loves pushing his limits in the gym while also being an amateur Jeopardy! whiz. He still plays Football for the Orlando Predators Arena Football Team.


NASM CPT-1, Body Design University 2020, CPR/AED Certification


Colleen Zimmerman

Colleen Graduated from SUNY Cortland with a Bachelors degree in Fitness Development and Exercise Science. She went on to become NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a specialisation in perinatal fitness. 

For the last four and a half years Colleen has been a Trainer and Performance Coach at the Under Armour Performance Center Hunt Valley Location. 

Teaching athletes of all ages and fitness levels how to better take care of their bodies and reach their fitness goals. 

Since joining our team she has already gained her USAW Level 1 and her Precision Nutrition Level 1 as well. Colleen’s level of professionalism and passion in everything she does makes her a true asset to our team!



B.S. Fitness Development & Exercise Science, CPT, USAW-L1, PN-L1, AFAA Perinatal Fitness



Coach Cheyenne became a Certified Personal Trainer from NASM in 2016 while completing her A.A. degree. She took the leap of following her active duty family members to North Carolina, where she worked for the United States Marine Corps holding multiple civilian positions instructing active duty service members. Over her career with the Marine Corps, she held the role of High Intensity Tactical Training Instructor, and Assistant Aquatics Instructor for Wounded Warrior Battalion HQ-USMC East, helping active duty Marines and Sailors with rehabilitation, and strength training through aquatic exercise and recreational therapy. 

    Coach Chey discovered her passion for the sport of weightlifting while working as a Tactical Training Instructor, and obtained her USAW-Level 1 in order to train tactical athletes in weightlifting and combat-specific performance and conditioning. Coming back to Florida in 2020, she transferred in her senior year to complete a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology from UCF. She also enjoys spending time with her two German Shepherd dogs when she’s not training or coaching. 


NASM - CPT, USAW Level 2, BSc Kinesiology, Progressive Kettlebell Movement Instructor, TRX Suspension Trainer Instructor Level 3, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training Instructor, Aquatics Maximum Power Intense Training (AMP-IT) Instructor



Born and raised in Puerto Rico Dr. Luis Alemany came to Florida with interest in the field of sports medicine. He graduated from Barry University in Miami with a bachelors in exercise science  and a masters in movement science biomechanics. He later went on to pursue Chiropractic at Palmer College in Florida to further his knowledge of the human body and help people get out of  pain and return to an active healthy lifestyle. 

Dr Alemany enjoys extreme sports, fitness and spending time with his family. 


BSc Ex Science, MSc Biomechanics, Doctor of Chiropractic, Pain Free Performance Specialist

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