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Helping Athletes Progress


Elite Level
Coaching For All

Everyone deserves to be coached like a professional and receive the individualized training they need. 

Our aim is to bring that to our community at an affordable price.

Progression steps

Athlete Development Model

The Athlete Development Model is our structured approach to individualized training. 

We assist athletes with progressing safely and effectively while helping them achieve their personal performance and well-being goals.


Our coaches will work to restore proper function in your body to put you on the right path forward.


We provide workouts, coaching and accountability to help you regain control of your own health. 


Give yourself the edge you need to optimize performance with our top coaches and programs.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Personal Training

Whether you have sprained your ankle during a soccer game or just been cleared by your physical therapist, we will work with you individually to bring back function and get you ready to start safely exercising again.

Function + Health


This foundational class focuses on teaching and developing the six fundamental movements; squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, and carry. 

By focusing on developing your mobility, strength and stability in these movement patterns, our goal is to teach you how to move better through your everyday life. 

Once you have mastered your movement you will be ready for the next stage in your fitness journey.



Our sweat class is all about energy system development using mixed modal strategies. 

This is more than just a bootcamp. We use proper training principles and periodization to ensure all facets of your cardiovascular fitness are developed. 

From short explosive bursts of work, to consistent work for 45 to 50 minutes, this class will constantly be evolving to keep challenging you in different ways and leaving you feeling good.



Once you have laid the foundation in movement, it’s time to get strong. Advance your training by focusing on strengthening the six movement patterns and learning more complex exercises and training principles. 

Strengthening these movement patterns creates a bigger, stronger, more resilient body that can withstand the demands of everyday life.

Health + Fitness


Our Weightlifting program is designed to help you excel in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. 

This class will focus mainly on developing proficiency in the two olympic lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk. 

We welcome all types of athletes from recreational to competitive. Our competitive team has produced multiple national medalists and many state champions. 

Health + Fitness


Our powerlifting program specifically focuses on the proficiency in the squat, bench press and deadlift. 

This program places a large emphasis on strength, power and hypertrophy work to compliment improvements in those three competition lifts. 

Whether your goal is to compete or just get the biggest lifts you can then this is for you. Competitive and recreational athletes are welcomed.

Health + Fitness

Sports Performance

Once you have mastered your movement and built a strong foundation in strength, it’s time for the sports performance program. 

Our coaches will work with you to develop the specific skills you need to excel at your sport.

Health + Fitness

Manage your workflow

Our schedule is designed for those with a busy schedule but who still want to take control of their health. Starting as early as 5.30am and finishing at 8pm our class schedule has over 50 classes per week.

We also have over 40 hours of coached floor time where our coaches are available to help guide you through our programs, teach new exercises, correct your form and answer questions about all areas of fitness and health.

Our facility stays open throughout the day to accommodate those who cannot make one of our coached sessions, leaving no reason why you can’t prioritize your health.

Anthony Vlassis

When Anthony met Coach Mark in 2016, he was over 230 pounds with high cholesterol and hypertension. He had not trained with a coach in over a decade. 

Coach Mark taught Anthony about Macros and how to move his body the way it was intended to move. 

Today, Anthony feels better at 33 than he did at 23.


Overweight (230lbs)


Nutrition Consulting
Strength Training


Athletic Build (185lbs)
Body Fat (9%)

"Because of Mark I am living the life I desire. If your story is similar to the beginning of mine then talk to Mark, your Highest Self is begging you."
Anthony Vlassis
Financial Trader

Victoria Jefferson

After recovering from a shoulder surgery, Victoria met Coach Mark to help with her rehabilitation. 

Coach Mark played a pivotal role role in her return back to Olympic weightlifting and led her to qualify for States (2nd place win) and Nationals (5th place win) within just 2 years of starting. 


Shoulder Injury




State and National Finalist in Olympic Weightlifting

"I am very thankful for his words of wisdom, constant encouragement and consistency in coaching to make me the best athlete and person possible."
Victoria Jefferson
University Student

Jordan Schwenneker

Jordan started working with Coach Mark when she was 8 years old. Four years later, Jordan has been a national silver medalist twice over, as well as a State Champion for the last three years in a row. 

There is still a lot of stigma surrounding young athletes lifting weights but Coach Mark and his team prioritize proper movement and control before ever adding weights, making sure safety is always the priority. 


School Sports


Youth Training
Personal Training


3x USA Weightlifting Youth Silver Medalist

"Mark is the most motivating and caring coach I have ever worked with. He has an uncommon ability to find what motivates each student and uses that to drive every student to their highest potential."
Jordan's Mom
PArent of Middle School Student

YOur Path forward

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